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About Us

Founded over seventy years ago, Fox Glass Company began as a small storefront business serving a small community in Brooklyn, New York. Present management took ownership in 1962 and with a new vision, Picture1the company expanded over the next twenty years to become the largest non-union glass installation shop in New York City, serving all five boroughs, upstate New York and eastern Long Island. As times changed, the company began to direct its focus to commercial and chain store needs, building a reputation of excellence and earning the surname “The Emergency Company”.

 Eager to serve the growing list of accounts, Fox Glass gradually expanded to fourteen locations along the eastern seaboard, and most recently our first western location in Houston, TX. This expansion has been a “grow from within” approach to management, and at the head of each new location is a valued associate and partner from within our ranks who has years of experience working within the company. This allows us to ensure continuity in service and performance for both our national and local accounts alike.